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Who is Stitching Cynderella...

Hey ya'll

The name is Cyndi, but most know me by Stitchin Fisch in the cross stitch community...well I had to change that due to the fact my account was horribly hacked and they were unable to fix it, so I have to start new and fresh...well all my life I have been referred to as Cynderella or Sis, and I just have always loved the Cinderella story due to my life :) So I thought this was much more fitting...I apologize to my fellow stitchers as this is gonna cause a bit of confusion, but it won't take long to get use to the change cause it really is fitting lol

So a little about me...

I am a mommy to three amazing teenage boys who will be known as Beans (16), Boogie (14), and Creepy (13)...these three boys are my life...I wake every morning to ensure that they are taken care of and want for nothing...and to kick a little ass sometimes when someone is messing with them :)

I am what I call a Phat and Sassy Southern Ghetto Redneck kind of is why... I think the Phat kind of explains it self, lmao,I am a down home southern girl who loves to get dirty and hang with the guys, but can totally clean up and look like a prissy little thing when I need to, but you best believe someone messes with my kids or my husband or any family for that matter, I will pop off my nails and my shoes and rock your socks off, who will fix everything with duck tape or super glue and curse up a storm while I am at it :)

I am happily married to the love of my life that God put in my path 12 and 1/2 yrs ago, and we have been together ever since...he is my best friend, my biggest supporter, and knows when to kick me in the ass if I need it :)

I enjoy cross stitching without a doubt as well as baking and cooking for my guys...I do not work due to having a neurological disorder called Charcot-Marie-Tooth (or CMT for short)...this is a disorder that causes the coating around my nerves to deteriorate and makes my muscles very weak...I was placed in a motorized wheelchair in my cooking and stitching bring me lots of joy as well as keeps me very busy :)

So why the blog...

Well I did the facebook for thing for a bit, and then I did the Flosstube thing for a bit, then I did the facebook and the flosstube thing together and it just became kind of ridiculous how people can act or should I say react to certain things and also I want to be able to express myself how I want to and not be worried about how vulgar I am I am making this very clear...VERY CLEAR...this is not going to be a sugar coated blog...which means...that there will be cursing at times...and I will tell my feeling and opinions :)

I hope that you enjoy reading and following along with my will be about cross stitching and cooking and stay tuned for some good stuff!!!


  1. Why to go Cyndi!! I'm glad that I have found your site. Best wishes for a bright and happy blogging future. xoxoxo

    1. Thank you so much hun!! I am glad you are here ;) Xoxoxoxoxox