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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Wow summer is almost over...

Hey ya'll...

It has been a fat minute since I have blogged...but summer has been uber stressful and full of crazy shit.

We lost an amazing fur baby June 4, 2016...Evander J. at the age of 9 had to be put down due to cancer. The cancer came on very fast and just kind of took the time we caught it, it was to late :( RIP Avander!! Now he is laid to rest in our back yard with his mommy Liddia...he is missed every day...he was one of the best dogs we have ever had the privilege of being owned by. 

While this was going on we have had our oldest move back home, and is now a senior in high I feel so old lol...We are so glad to have him home!! So it has been football practice and crazy teenage stuff all summer lol.

Shortly after Beans moved home, Evander passed, we believe that he was waiting for all of us to be home before he said his goodbyes. Well within a few weeks of Evander passing we actually was given a hug blessing for myself and our family :) 

I would love to introduce Sir Winston...Winston is a 2 yr old male chocolate lab, who has brought to us from Georgia. He was given to us by an amazing couple who was looking to rehome him to be a service dog. Let me tell ya Sir Winston has lived up to this amazing task :) I have been training him since the day he got here and he has gone above and beyond :) You can follow his amazing story at 

I have also been helping our local Humane Society to get up and running again. It has been a lot of fun, I created a website, gofundme, and some more behind the scene things...I am sadly going to have to step away :( because I have over loaded myself...and something a little more important for my family has came up.

Our youngest son has been seen by a specialist for Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT). He is now going to be fitted for new AFOs and also being fitted for a power wheelchair, so I now have to turn myself to raising awareness for CMT in our community so that people learn more about this. They have also began genetic testing, to find out exactly what type of CMT runs in our family. So educating and fundraising will be my number one priority (beside stitching).

I have also had a bit of drama...and had to walk away from a few people, because I needed to walk away from toxic situations :( I had to do this for my own well being, I had to do it for my health because this was making me mentally as well as physically sick...No one will ever understand unless they walked in my shoes or knew about my childhood, but I have to...I just have to.

So a huge positive is that I have been able to visit with one of my siblings!!! I had not seen her since she was 6 months old...We have visited quiet often and talk as much as we possibly can :) I would love for all of you to meet my youngest sister Tiffany, or I call her Lil One (has since she was born :) ) I am an aunt to 3 adorable little ones, I have 2 nephews C.J. and Joe Joe and an adorable niece Destiny...I love having all of them in my life. 

I have not gotten a lot of stitching completed, I fell out of my routine, and I am no where near finishing anything :( I am bummed about this, but the kiddos go back to school on Friday!! So I will be able to get back to my normal daily schedule (in between doctor appts.) The two little ones will be leaving Monday and attending the first ever CMTA Summer Camp!! They are really excited, and I am so excited for them :) So they get miss the first whole week of ducks hee hee.

Well that is about everything, I think I am gonna go and work on some stitching so I got things to talk about on my next blog :)