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Friday, May 6, 2016

Well it has been a few days...

It's FRIDAY!!!!!!

Who else is ready for the weekend?? I know I sure the hell am...I am so glad that it is here cause this week has been uber shitty for sure!!

Well as most of you know Maynia started 6 days ago...well I have only did 1...yes 1, start but I also have 1 yes I said one finish!!!

I started it on the 2nd and finished it on the 4th.
Friends & Bras
Lizzie Kate
32 count linen (not sure of color)
with J&P Coats and scraps I had laying around

I am just not sure what is going on with my stitchy bug lately...I think I just bit off more than I could chew...I was planning on Maynia, and the HAED challange #2, and trying to finish up my Lady...and there is just no way I can get all that done in a month...

So with all the stress that is coming from all of these challenges I decided that I am going to step away from all of them, and I am just going to stitch what makes me happy.

I have to do this for myself and my sanity lol...and I don't want to lose my love for this hobby...and I am worried I am gonna take on to much like I did when I was crocheting, so I will be backing off for a while, and just doing what I want and not what I am trying to keep up on.

I also did a lot of cleaning of my friends list on facebook, and that will just be my platform for family and close friends, so please do not take it personal if you are not on my list anymore, it was not because of anyone, it was just hard trying to keep up with everything that everyone was doing. I have also left all the cross stitch groups but maybe 3, and again the same thing, it was just so hard to keep up with everyone and all the beauty!

I am trying to make personal changes that are going to be positive on mine and my family's lives, and social media has put a huge damper on that.

Well it is mothers day weekend this weekend, I am off to do a girls day with one of my fav girls, we are gonna go get our nails done and just hang out!!!

See ya all next week ;)


  1. Hooray for Friday! I do agree with you, stitching is supposed to be fun not a source of stress. I tend to stick to the SALs where I can fit my existing stitching in rather than something dictated by someone else.
    Love the colours in your L*K project.

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  3. Love that LK one, it's on my wish list, you did a good job xxx