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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wip Wednesday ya'll

Good morning everyone!!!

It has been a few days...things got crazy for a min...we sent the Creep to his dads healthy as a horse, and we got him back with a fever, croupy cough, and runny nose :( so we have been nursing him back to health lol, cause let me tell ya, boys can be such babies when they are sick lol...but I will take any cuddle time I can get lol

I am super excited, I got a message this morning from an amazing fabric (and now floss) dyer Fabrics By LJ ( ) some amazing stitcher, RAK'd me for his new floss packages that are coming out!!! He said I will be getting 1 package with 6 skeins of floss in it for 3 months in a row!!!! I am super excited!!!! I can't wait to see them, I know how awesome he does with his fabric, I can't wait to see what his floss is gonna look like :) I don't know who RAK'd me, but if you happen to read my blog....THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!

Well with Creep being sick I have not gotten a lot done :( but have a few things to share on some progress...

A new small start...this is on 14 count Adia with just random colors

 Edwardian Lady by Joan Elliot on 18 count Jewel by Under The Sea Fabric

Once Upon A Time Sampler by Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery on 14 count Oatmeal

A Stitch In Time (1st color of Challange #2) by Aimee Stewart charted by Heaven and Earth Designs on 18 count Magic Guide

A Stitch In Time (Start of 2nd color of Challange #2) by Aimee Stewart charted by Heaven and Earth Designs on 18 count Magic Guide

There is my progress on all of my April WIPs, I can't believe that April is almost over already!! I am no where near ready for Stitch Maynia that starts next month lol...Or should I say Sunday!!! AAAHhhHH...guess I really need to kick my own ass and get it in gear and start planning, or I don't know what I am gonna do lol.

I have to be honest since going back to facebook, I have done very well for myself, and only have been on there a few mins at a time, and I am still getting things done woohoo!! I am so glad!! It is nice to not have to have some type of device on my hip at all times...just in case I miss something?? 

I have had many people ask my why I am no longer on YouTube...well to be honest, one of the biggest reasons is because, I am doing this No Buy thing, and doing Floss Tube, and watching so many amazing stitchers do amazing things...I am going to eventually begin watching again, it is just so hard and so tempting, and I want to prove to myself that I can do this, and I don't need to buy the "what is in" I think for my own sanity, I have to do this for a I felt like I just couldn't be myself, I couldn't express myself the way I wanted...I guess I have a big enough heart, that I don't want to offend someone.

Some may ask why I don't feel that way here, cause it is the same thing...I guess it is because this is my little corner of peace, and I am just better at expressing myself through typing rather than talking...I am better at making my point and not fumbling over my own words, or saying a word that offends someone...cause I make it very clear that here, it is what I wanna say, but can't kind of thing.

I truly enjoy blogging, and sharing my stitching this way, I am much more comfortable...I don't feel pressured to share, and I don't feel guilty when I I say in my title...Welcome To My Madness!!! lol

Well it is time to get the day started and get some planning done...I hope all is well, sending ya lots of stitchy hugs!!!!

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