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Friday, April 29, 2016

We made it another week!!!

hahahaha...I love that...cause it is so true!!!

Well been spending that last few days making Stitch Mayniaaaaaaaaa plans....cause it is less than 48 hours and it will begin!!!

So I have I think 9 or 10 definite plans...but I have yet to decide if I am only gonna do 15...or if I am going to do the crazy thing and do 31 hahahahaha...hence the title of my blog lol "Welcome To My Madness" hahahaha

Alright so here goes me list... *not in any order!!

This is " Big Girl Panties" by Sue Hills is a freebie
I will be stitching it on a pink 28 count monaco

Pet's Love by the Stitchworks
I will be working this on a cream colored 28 Monaco

The Holiday House :) by Leisure Arts
This will be worked on an ashy green looking 14 count Adia
and the Holiday motifs will be on white hardanger

The Needlework School by Little House Needleworks
28 count Monaco Ivory

I know..I know...I said I would never do a Lizzie Kate (but I didn't buy it, Big Daddy did hahaha)
Bras and Panties by Lizzie Kate
28 count linen Oatmeal color

Owl Always Love U
Blue 28 count Monaco

Twelve Days Of Christmas (freebie)
Plum Street
(haven't decided on fabric yet :( )

A Year of Birthday Cakes by Brooke's Books
(Not picked fabric yet )

Family by Love Thy Threads
25 count Ivory Monaco

Flip Flops Rock by Janlynn
32 count Lime Green linen

Well the funny thing is that I have not even picked floss for these projects yet lol...I have only picked the fabric it will be very interesting if I get any of these started for the fact that I am really trying my little heart out to get the HAED Challenge done!!

I only have one color done and not even half of the 2nd done, so I need to get my ass in gear or I am not gonna make it and that is gonna suck horribly :( cause I have not had any challenge beat me...and for some reason I find this one to be ridiculous and I just can not stitch fast enough...I normal carry colors, I always have with HAEDs, but for some reason I feel ass backwards...and it is making me lose my bug for some reason, and this being my ASIT piece it scares me...but I am not gonna let this challenge beat me lol...

So I got the first what 10...yep 10 of Maynia picked out, so I am gonna bust my ass today and tomorrow and get as far as I can as quickly as I can...should be interesting to see how this goes...I got 5 more to plan and then the other 15 will be "whatever I want" kind of thing, where I will basically randomly pick projects, so what ever tickles my fancy that day will be what I stitch on...but with what I have picked it should make an interesting 2017 in my stitching world ;)

Well I am off to grab a nap (it's just not 6 am, and I have been up typing since 4:30) so gonna catch a nap after getting the kiddos and Big Daddy out the door for the day...then I am gonna stitch till my fingers bleed this weekend ;)

Lots of stitchy love!!!!


  1. Oh wow, what great choices for Maynia! I did the DUCJC last year which is kind of the same, a new start each day.
    Once was enough!
    I love the Brooke's Books cake series, I have stitched two of them but want to do them all!

    1. Thanks hun, I can't wait to get started...I am so ready for some new colors lol, and this is how I pick my rotation for the next year, so I am excited that this will give me lots of choices ;)