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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

It's cold...

Good morning everyone!!!

It is a beautiful but cold day here in Ohio...sometimes I think mother nature has her panties in a twist lol...its crazy that it is warmer in the evening time than it is when the sun is up...someone needs to get her a drink 😉

Today I am gonna go do some window shopping at my local thrift shops...since I have bravely chosen to do the no buy diet for has went surprisingly very have only purchased one thing and that was some floss woohoo...but I do enjoy looking so that is the goal of the day...just looking 😀

Life has been kind of crazy around here lately (but that is a post of its own lol) so I can't just up and go and vacay when I would I up and window shop when I need some time away!!

Does anyone else do that?? Do you ever just go walk the stores to just get away for a bit?? Or maybe browse the online stores??

Well I am off...hope everyone has an amazing Tuesday!!!

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