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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Finding the right spot

Good Morning all!!

It is a beautiful Wednesday morning here in Ohio...the sun is shining the birds are singing and I have been rearranging and organizing all morning lol

I came across an amazing deal yesterday that I just could not pass up...I am hoping this doesn't count against my no buy diet lol...We went to our local Aaron's (like I said yesterday just window shopping) and found out they were closing and merging with another Aaron's (one that we are really good friends with the manager) and they had a chair and ottoman set in their "clearance" section with a price tag of $199.00....I fell in love with had to have I told them if they could put it on a payment plan I would take it.

Well they said they couldn't cause it was clearance...well I told them never mind and started to leav...they quickly stopped me and said they would sell it for $75...I told again it has to be on payments cause I am on a fixed income, but if they could put it on a plan for $20 or less a month it was sold and I would carry it out the door.

Well the manager disappeared for a min came back out and said pack it up and it was ours!!!!!

YAY!!!! Lol, So while they were doing the paperwork, they were able to get the payments down to $10 a month and I could take it with us or they could home we came, took the seats out the van, and off we went!!

So I have spent all morning cleaning, rearranging, and going through all of my craft stuff to get it ready for a yard sale in a couple of weeks :)

Sooo without leaving you in any more suspense here is my Stitchy Spot:

Isn't it awesome...I have my TV on one side, and my laptop on the other, and my box of off threads and my fabric, and everything I need to stitch my life away!!!

I am in love and so excited to finish lunch so I can sit and veg all day :)

I hope everyone is having an awesome day!!

Lots of Stitchy Love!!!

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