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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Change is here!!!

Good morning!!

Yesterday I had I guess what they call an epiphany...

I spend way to much time on social media!!!!

So as of yesterday I am no longer on Facebook...and I feel great about it!!

I got so much stitching done...that I am almost done with an entire square of my Once Upon A Time Sampler by Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery.

I changed quite a bit on this square...I added gold blending filament to the wheels and the top of the pumpkin...I changed her hair to blonde and skin tone to a lighter shade. I also took the bow out and added the wrap to her bun like in the movie...and in her dress and her wrap I added silver blending filament to give it that sparkle...I will finish her today and start on the next today also :) I was worried about the border but since I started I am thinking it is going to be perfect!!! I am not using DMC floss that is called for I am using my extra floss from other kits or floss that I obtained that was not labeled or there will be some colors that will be changed that will not match what others look like...but I am loving it and so glad I am branching out of my comfort zone!!

I also ate not one single sweet and nothing greasy!!! I also went for a walk and actually walked 3 full blocks which is huge for me!!

I am going to the doctors this morning to get an official weight and so I can keep track of my progress...I know I am almost 300 (if not over) and I would like to be around 150 to 175 by June of 2017...and I know that if I keep this up which is really hard...but I can do this...and I am going to do this!!!

I have all 4 of my boys to help hold me I am going to use this time to also work on my relationship with God and get my life back on track!! I can do this and I know I can!

Well time to head to doc...hope everyone is well and enjoying the spring we are finally seeing...sending lots of love!!

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