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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Change is coming...

Good morning all!!!

It is going to be another beautiful day...and I am thinking the snow is finally gone woohoo!!

Well Big Daddy and I sat and had a long conversation last night, and I have decided that I have to get my weight under control...there is just no way that I can continue to let my weight stay out of control.

I am bigger now than I have ever been in my life, and that is after gaining 75 lbs with one child and 19 months later gaining almost 90....I am ashamed of what I look like...and these boys wanna go on vacay next summer to a beach.

I have to do something! NOW!

So I am going to start with my portions, and walking more, so Big Daddy and I are going to get up a schedule, and 3 days a week we are going to walk the 3 largest stores in the town next to us.

I am so ready to do this, I am just beyond myself right now...when I look down and see my fucking belly sticks out  more than my is time to get this shit under control!

So here I go...

*This blog will be about my stitching as well as my weight loss and just whatever I feel like talking about that day*

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