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Sunday, April 24, 2016

A lazy Sunday...

Hey ya'll ;)

Well I broke down and reactivated my facebook :( I didn't want to at all, but quickly discovered how many people I missed chatting with on a daily basis, and how "convenient" it is...I hate that it takes away from the personal touch of communication can have, but I also know that many of the people I enjoy speaking with are not close enough to visit, and the ones who are just don' I will be only communicating there through the messenger...I refuse to post, or comment or even look through the news feed...

I feel in a way I am kind of a hypocrite, because I hate that people follow me on facebook but never comment or message, and I guess in the way, the same thing happens here also, but at least here, I don't see people on line and send a message and just get ignored least here, I don't know who is looking or not lol, or when some one is online I don't know it lol

Alright enough with the heavy crap lol...

So I did not get to stitch a single thing yesterday lol...We had a wedding at 10 am which was beautiful and we are so happy for the new couple!! We wish them the very best in their future together, and can't wait to watch them grow together ;) Loves ya Mo and Chad!!!

Then after the wedding went off to move my bestie Tams...and got that done in a few hours, had a blast helping her with the new future that her and her kiddos have now!! We are so proud of them and the amazing changes that are coming for them :) Loves ya Tams!!

Then tried to make it to Beans game (double header) missed it by like 10 mins :( so stopped for a quick visit with him before he headed out to do what ever it is that 16 yr olds do now days lol ( I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW LMAO!!!)

Then it was home for a bite to eat and watch a movie before crashing on the couch hahaha...

Woke up late this morning...uggg that started it off hahaha, then I get a message from one of my girls saying she wanted to video chat....and don't ya know...yep damn wifi started messing up so it took like what felt like an hour, for it to get its shit together and then was able to video chat for a bit

Now I am chillin on the couch looking at all these amazing blogs that people have created!! I am so jealous, and hope that I can learn how to join some SALs, cause I think it would be a blast!! So if anyone could point me in the direction of some good ones, and how I can join I would love ya forevs!!

I am slowly learning, it is just taking a bit, but hoping to be a bloggin pro before the month is up...damn just looks at the calendar and I dont have long lol, guess I best get to work

Well it is a horrible pic, but there is my lady, coming along slowly but surly lol...
So I am off to give her some love and hope that I can get a better pic up tomorrow ;)

Sending lots of Stitchy Hugs, don't forget to hit the follow button and share with friends!! Thank you all so much for all the support!!! <3

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  1. Great work on your Edwardian Lady!
    All the best SALs are on my Blog LOL. Seriously, I like the kind of SALs where you fit your stitching into a theme, like the Smalls SAL or the WIPocalypse.
    Have a look down my side bar and see what you think.