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Saturday, April 16, 2016

A beautiful weekend...

Morning ya'll

It is Saturday and it is amazingly beautiful out!! I got all my windows open and can here everyone starting their lawn mowers for the first mow of the season...and it sounds and smells great!!

I have been participating in a few SALs (Stitch A Longs) in the Stitch Maynia group on Facebook...well this month we were (not that anyone had to) working on "April Showers Bring May Flowers"...More like April Snow Showers lol...anyways, I decided to work on a piece I started last year for Stitch Maynia (the purpose of the group, which is to in the month of May either start 15 or 30 new pieces or work on 15 to 30 pieces, so one for each day of the month) and I did 15 new starts.

Let me explain my rotation really quick so you will understand a bit better lol (cause it can get confusing)...

I decided for this 2016 year, I am doing a NO BUY Diet...this means I will not purchase any new patterns and will only purchase what I need if I need this meant that I have to use what is in my stash. Well the awesome Admins of the Stitch Maynia group decided for 2016, they are holding a new SAL each month, and I have 12 projects I started last year for Maynia and decided to incorporate one of those pieces for each month, and that would be my main project and I would rotate smaller ones here and there when I needed a this way I am completing as many things as I can, and I don't keep starting things and not finishing (Big Daddy doesn't like when I do that, lol, cause then my obsession, I mean hoard, crap I mean my hobby takes up to much room ;) )

So for the month of April I decided to pick up my Edwardian Lady by Joan Elliot, that I won in a giveaway from The Stash Queen, Katy, last year.

Here is a pic of the finished work (*disclaimer not my picture*)

Here is where I started on April 1st, 2016

Edwardian Lady by Joan Elliot on 18 Silver Adia Hand Dyed by Under The Sea Fabrics, dyed Jewel 9

Here is my progress over the last 16 days:

Here is where I finished off this morning:

Since I picked her back up I am finding her very enjoyable and can't wait to finish, I am going to frame and I already have the person who is receiving it :)

I am super proud of myself because I have really stuck with the No Buy thing, and I have not purchased anything but a few skeins of floss that I now realizing that May is just a few weeks away I need to sit down and do my planning for this May, so that way I have next years rotation set up :) 

*My rotation will NOT work for everyone...but it works for me!! You have to find what works for you!! If you have questions about it just let me know, and I will gladly answer them :)

I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend, I am off to enjoy the fresh air and start doing some Maynia planning :) Sending lots of Stitchy Hugs!!


  1. Hi Cyndi, this is Mini from
    Found you thru FB Stitch Maynia grp. Edwardian lady looks gorgeous on that fabric. You will have a finish soon.
    P.S. Welcome to blog land.

    1. Thank you so much hun, I am super glad to be here, enjoying it a lot!!

  2. Hi, Just returning the following and replying to your comment. You are currently a "no-reply" person but if you respond to this comment by email I'll be able to reply that way in future!
    Love Edwardian Lady and that gorgeous fabric.
    I did "Stitch From Stash" for two years, we were allowed $25 or £15 per month and it was a really good way of making us focus on what we already had rather than buying every single new release.
    I started the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL for that reason too. Someone sent you something gorgeous? Repay them by stitching it and blogging about it LOL

    1. That sounds like an awesome SAL, is it still going on?? Cause that would be something really fun to join in on ;)