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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Wow summer is almost over...

Hey ya'll...

It has been a fat minute since I have blogged...but summer has been uber stressful and full of crazy shit.

We lost an amazing fur baby June 4, 2016...Evander J. at the age of 9 had to be put down due to cancer. The cancer came on very fast and just kind of took the time we caught it, it was to late :( RIP Avander!! Now he is laid to rest in our back yard with his mommy Liddia...he is missed every day...he was one of the best dogs we have ever had the privilege of being owned by. 

While this was going on we have had our oldest move back home, and is now a senior in high I feel so old lol...We are so glad to have him home!! So it has been football practice and crazy teenage stuff all summer lol.

Shortly after Beans moved home, Evander passed, we believe that he was waiting for all of us to be home before he said his goodbyes. Well within a few weeks of Evander passing we actually was given a hug blessing for myself and our family :) 

I would love to introduce Sir Winston...Winston is a 2 yr old male chocolate lab, who has brought to us from Georgia. He was given to us by an amazing couple who was looking to rehome him to be a service dog. Let me tell ya Sir Winston has lived up to this amazing task :) I have been training him since the day he got here and he has gone above and beyond :) You can follow his amazing story at 

I have also been helping our local Humane Society to get up and running again. It has been a lot of fun, I created a website, gofundme, and some more behind the scene things...I am sadly going to have to step away :( because I have over loaded myself...and something a little more important for my family has came up.

Our youngest son has been seen by a specialist for Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT). He is now going to be fitted for new AFOs and also being fitted for a power wheelchair, so I now have to turn myself to raising awareness for CMT in our community so that people learn more about this. They have also began genetic testing, to find out exactly what type of CMT runs in our family. So educating and fundraising will be my number one priority (beside stitching).

I have also had a bit of drama...and had to walk away from a few people, because I needed to walk away from toxic situations :( I had to do this for my own well being, I had to do it for my health because this was making me mentally as well as physically sick...No one will ever understand unless they walked in my shoes or knew about my childhood, but I have to...I just have to.

So a huge positive is that I have been able to visit with one of my siblings!!! I had not seen her since she was 6 months old...We have visited quiet often and talk as much as we possibly can :) I would love for all of you to meet my youngest sister Tiffany, or I call her Lil One (has since she was born :) ) I am an aunt to 3 adorable little ones, I have 2 nephews C.J. and Joe Joe and an adorable niece Destiny...I love having all of them in my life. 

I have not gotten a lot of stitching completed, I fell out of my routine, and I am no where near finishing anything :( I am bummed about this, but the kiddos go back to school on Friday!! So I will be able to get back to my normal daily schedule (in between doctor appts.) The two little ones will be leaving Monday and attending the first ever CMTA Summer Camp!! They are really excited, and I am so excited for them :) So they get miss the first whole week of ducks hee hee.

Well that is about everything, I think I am gonna go and work on some stitching so I got things to talk about on my next blog :) 

Friday, May 6, 2016

Well it has been a few days...

It's FRIDAY!!!!!!

Who else is ready for the weekend?? I know I sure the hell am...I am so glad that it is here cause this week has been uber shitty for sure!!

Well as most of you know Maynia started 6 days ago...well I have only did 1...yes 1, start but I also have 1 yes I said one finish!!!

I started it on the 2nd and finished it on the 4th.
Friends & Bras
Lizzie Kate
32 count linen (not sure of color)
with J&P Coats and scraps I had laying around

I am just not sure what is going on with my stitchy bug lately...I think I just bit off more than I could chew...I was planning on Maynia, and the HAED challange #2, and trying to finish up my Lady...and there is just no way I can get all that done in a month...

So with all the stress that is coming from all of these challenges I decided that I am going to step away from all of them, and I am just going to stitch what makes me happy.

I have to do this for myself and my sanity lol...and I don't want to lose my love for this hobby...and I am worried I am gonna take on to much like I did when I was crocheting, so I will be backing off for a while, and just doing what I want and not what I am trying to keep up on.

I also did a lot of cleaning of my friends list on facebook, and that will just be my platform for family and close friends, so please do not take it personal if you are not on my list anymore, it was not because of anyone, it was just hard trying to keep up with everything that everyone was doing. I have also left all the cross stitch groups but maybe 3, and again the same thing, it was just so hard to keep up with everyone and all the beauty!

I am trying to make personal changes that are going to be positive on mine and my family's lives, and social media has put a huge damper on that.

Well it is mothers day weekend this weekend, I am off to do a girls day with one of my fav girls, we are gonna go get our nails done and just hang out!!!

See ya all next week ;)

Sunday, May 1, 2016


Well today is Sunday, May 1st!!

Yep thats right all the madness begins today!!


I am not even close to being ready hahahaha, I mean I am, I got some patterns picked out, and the fabric to go with them, but ummm, that is it lol

With this being said I need to get everything finalized today...So I am gonna spend the morning (cause it is only quarter till 10 here) and I got all my "chores" done for the day and only have one errand to run, and that wont be till around 4, I am gonna sit till noon and finish kitting up what I can, then I will pick my first project to work on till we have to leave.

When I get home, I still need to work on my Edwardian Lady and my HAED. So each day I will work on my maynia piece for that day and at 3 when the kiddos get home, I will the switch to either the EL or HAED and rotate them each day, so that way I am working on all of them and not falling behind...I have a deadline (well kind of for the EL) for both of them, so I have to get my ass in gear and get the damn thing done lol

Yesterday was exhausting, I didnt get anything done I had planned, but sometimes thing just happen, so I feel like I am in a rush to get things done lol...even though I know in a small part of my mind, that I can do when I please as I please with my stitching lol

Now I guess I need to decide what piece will even be my first piece lol...but I need to finish kitting before I can decide that huh...lmao

It is gonna be a long day hahahaha

Well I am off to get my shit together lol...I got this, just gotta do it...

Have a great day!!! All of those who are participating in Maynia good luck, and I can't wait to see everyones projects!!!

Friday, April 29, 2016

We made it another week!!!

hahahaha...I love that...cause it is so true!!!

Well been spending that last few days making Stitch Mayniaaaaaaaaa plans....cause it is less than 48 hours and it will begin!!!

So I have I think 9 or 10 definite plans...but I have yet to decide if I am only gonna do 15...or if I am going to do the crazy thing and do 31 hahahahaha...hence the title of my blog lol "Welcome To My Madness" hahahaha

Alright so here goes me list... *not in any order!!

This is " Big Girl Panties" by Sue Hills is a freebie
I will be stitching it on a pink 28 count monaco

Pet's Love by the Stitchworks
I will be working this on a cream colored 28 Monaco

The Holiday House :) by Leisure Arts
This will be worked on an ashy green looking 14 count Adia
and the Holiday motifs will be on white hardanger

The Needlework School by Little House Needleworks
28 count Monaco Ivory

I know..I know...I said I would never do a Lizzie Kate (but I didn't buy it, Big Daddy did hahaha)
Bras and Panties by Lizzie Kate
28 count linen Oatmeal color

Owl Always Love U
Blue 28 count Monaco

Twelve Days Of Christmas (freebie)
Plum Street
(haven't decided on fabric yet :( )

A Year of Birthday Cakes by Brooke's Books
(Not picked fabric yet )

Family by Love Thy Threads
25 count Ivory Monaco

Flip Flops Rock by Janlynn
32 count Lime Green linen

Well the funny thing is that I have not even picked floss for these projects yet lol...I have only picked the fabric it will be very interesting if I get any of these started for the fact that I am really trying my little heart out to get the HAED Challenge done!!

I only have one color done and not even half of the 2nd done, so I need to get my ass in gear or I am not gonna make it and that is gonna suck horribly :( cause I have not had any challenge beat me...and for some reason I find this one to be ridiculous and I just can not stitch fast enough...I normal carry colors, I always have with HAEDs, but for some reason I feel ass backwards...and it is making me lose my bug for some reason, and this being my ASIT piece it scares me...but I am not gonna let this challenge beat me lol...

So I got the first what 10...yep 10 of Maynia picked out, so I am gonna bust my ass today and tomorrow and get as far as I can as quickly as I can...should be interesting to see how this goes...I got 5 more to plan and then the other 15 will be "whatever I want" kind of thing, where I will basically randomly pick projects, so what ever tickles my fancy that day will be what I stitch on...but with what I have picked it should make an interesting 2017 in my stitching world ;)

Well I am off to grab a nap (it's just not 6 am, and I have been up typing since 4:30) so gonna catch a nap after getting the kiddos and Big Daddy out the door for the day...then I am gonna stitch till my fingers bleed this weekend ;)

Lots of stitchy love!!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wip Wednesday ya'll

Good morning everyone!!!

It has been a few days...things got crazy for a min...we sent the Creep to his dads healthy as a horse, and we got him back with a fever, croupy cough, and runny nose :( so we have been nursing him back to health lol, cause let me tell ya, boys can be such babies when they are sick lol...but I will take any cuddle time I can get lol

I am super excited, I got a message this morning from an amazing fabric (and now floss) dyer Fabrics By LJ ( ) some amazing stitcher, RAK'd me for his new floss packages that are coming out!!! He said I will be getting 1 package with 6 skeins of floss in it for 3 months in a row!!!! I am super excited!!!! I can't wait to see them, I know how awesome he does with his fabric, I can't wait to see what his floss is gonna look like :) I don't know who RAK'd me, but if you happen to read my blog....THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!

Well with Creep being sick I have not gotten a lot done :( but have a few things to share on some progress...

A new small start...this is on 14 count Adia with just random colors

 Edwardian Lady by Joan Elliot on 18 count Jewel by Under The Sea Fabric

Once Upon A Time Sampler by Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery on 14 count Oatmeal

A Stitch In Time (1st color of Challange #2) by Aimee Stewart charted by Heaven and Earth Designs on 18 count Magic Guide

A Stitch In Time (Start of 2nd color of Challange #2) by Aimee Stewart charted by Heaven and Earth Designs on 18 count Magic Guide

There is my progress on all of my April WIPs, I can't believe that April is almost over already!! I am no where near ready for Stitch Maynia that starts next month lol...Or should I say Sunday!!! AAAHhhHH...guess I really need to kick my own ass and get it in gear and start planning, or I don't know what I am gonna do lol.

I have to be honest since going back to facebook, I have done very well for myself, and only have been on there a few mins at a time, and I am still getting things done woohoo!! I am so glad!! It is nice to not have to have some type of device on my hip at all times...just in case I miss something?? 

I have had many people ask my why I am no longer on YouTube...well to be honest, one of the biggest reasons is because, I am doing this No Buy thing, and doing Floss Tube, and watching so many amazing stitchers do amazing things...I am going to eventually begin watching again, it is just so hard and so tempting, and I want to prove to myself that I can do this, and I don't need to buy the "what is in" I think for my own sanity, I have to do this for a I felt like I just couldn't be myself, I couldn't express myself the way I wanted...I guess I have a big enough heart, that I don't want to offend someone.

Some may ask why I don't feel that way here, cause it is the same thing...I guess it is because this is my little corner of peace, and I am just better at expressing myself through typing rather than talking...I am better at making my point and not fumbling over my own words, or saying a word that offends someone...cause I make it very clear that here, it is what I wanna say, but can't kind of thing.

I truly enjoy blogging, and sharing my stitching this way, I am much more comfortable...I don't feel pressured to share, and I don't feel guilty when I I say in my title...Welcome To My Madness!!! lol

Well it is time to get the day started and get some planning done...I hope all is well, sending ya lots of stitchy hugs!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

A lazy Sunday...

Hey ya'll ;)

Well I broke down and reactivated my facebook :( I didn't want to at all, but quickly discovered how many people I missed chatting with on a daily basis, and how "convenient" it is...I hate that it takes away from the personal touch of communication can have, but I also know that many of the people I enjoy speaking with are not close enough to visit, and the ones who are just don' I will be only communicating there through the messenger...I refuse to post, or comment or even look through the news feed...

I feel in a way I am kind of a hypocrite, because I hate that people follow me on facebook but never comment or message, and I guess in the way, the same thing happens here also, but at least here, I don't see people on line and send a message and just get ignored least here, I don't know who is looking or not lol, or when some one is online I don't know it lol

Alright enough with the heavy crap lol...

So I did not get to stitch a single thing yesterday lol...We had a wedding at 10 am which was beautiful and we are so happy for the new couple!! We wish them the very best in their future together, and can't wait to watch them grow together ;) Loves ya Mo and Chad!!!

Then after the wedding went off to move my bestie Tams...and got that done in a few hours, had a blast helping her with the new future that her and her kiddos have now!! We are so proud of them and the amazing changes that are coming for them :) Loves ya Tams!!

Then tried to make it to Beans game (double header) missed it by like 10 mins :( so stopped for a quick visit with him before he headed out to do what ever it is that 16 yr olds do now days lol ( I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW LMAO!!!)

Then it was home for a bite to eat and watch a movie before crashing on the couch hahaha...

Woke up late this morning...uggg that started it off hahaha, then I get a message from one of my girls saying she wanted to video chat....and don't ya know...yep damn wifi started messing up so it took like what felt like an hour, for it to get its shit together and then was able to video chat for a bit

Now I am chillin on the couch looking at all these amazing blogs that people have created!! I am so jealous, and hope that I can learn how to join some SALs, cause I think it would be a blast!! So if anyone could point me in the direction of some good ones, and how I can join I would love ya forevs!!

I am slowly learning, it is just taking a bit, but hoping to be a bloggin pro before the month is up...damn just looks at the calendar and I dont have long lol, guess I best get to work

Well it is a horrible pic, but there is my lady, coming along slowly but surly lol...
So I am off to give her some love and hope that I can get a better pic up tomorrow ;)

Sending lots of Stitchy Hugs, don't forget to hit the follow button and share with friends!! Thank you all so much for all the support!!! <3

Friday, April 22, 2016

Hey ya'll

Good Friday Morning!!!

The weekend is finally here woohoo...

Well not really cause we got so much to do lol, but it should be fun :)

I am super bummed though cause I have been posting from an app on my phone for the last few days and for some reason it did not post them GRRRRRrrrrr....

So here is what has been going on with me :)

Nothing....yep you got it...not a thing :) lol, I have been sleeping and stitching for the past couple of days. I have also been pumping my system full of some vitamin C cause I started getting a sore throat and a runny nose I got on top of that shit and I feel soooo much better for sure!!!

I have been stitching as much as I can...I finally completed my Cynderella (yes, I know that is not how you spell it, but suck it up cause that is how I do ;) ) square on the Once Upon A Time Sampler :) by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery

I made quite a few changes...I put a gold blending filament in the wheels and the top piece of the pumpkin...I put made the curtains blue like her dress, and put silver blending filament in both of those, I also used a purple silk from Mo's Sale for the fairy godmother, and changed the greens a bit...and the biggest of them all is the changes I made on Cynderella...I made her skin tone a lot lighter than they called for, and I took the bow out and made it a wrap like in the movie...and I love it!!!!!! It is my favorite one I have done out of all the patterns from FPS :) I am now working on the Red Riding Hood square...I have not added the months yet, because I am changing my colors I am gonna wait till I am completed before I pick so I can make sure that is looks ok with each of them :)

Welp, I guess it is time to get some stitching done...I would really like to do a giveaway really soon!!

So if everyone could share my blog and follow me, once I get 50 followers I am going to do a huge giveaway!!! So please share and tell everyone to come and visit me!!! 

Have a great weekend!!